Marc Hadley

Marc Hadley, Ph.D.

Chief Engineer, Public Health Innovation
Health Information Technology

Marc Hadley, Ph.D., is a chief engineer who brings expertise in strategic technology evaluation to public health and health IT interoperability. Dr. Hadley has designed some of the most forward-leaning technologies that are used in open‑source health projects, including the highly scalable clinical quality measure engine that drives the computation of clinical quality measures for several MITRE open‑source projects. Dr. Hadley is an expert in software architecture and development, clinical quality measurement, and healthcare standards development and has represented MITRE in several standards development activities at the ONC S&I Framework and Health Level Seven International (HL7). He led the unification of clinical quality measure and clinical decision support standards at HL7 that yielded the Clinical Quality Language standard that is now being adopted for the next generation of clinical quality measures. Dr. Hadley earned a B.S. in Experimental Physics and a Ph.D. in Surface Physics from the University of York, UK.

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