HIMSS18: Data Interoperability to Reduce Clinician Burden

We believe connected data is the clinician’s new super power, delivering insights that drive better health decisions, and allowing providers to see and do more every day. Join us to discuss research and initiatives underway to reduce burden and turn data into knowledge for healthcare providers.

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Solving the Health Data Interoperability Riddle

MITRE’s VP and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jay Schnitzer, speaks about the challenges and potential solutions for improving data interoperability for healthcare, and MITRE’s neutral role in bringing the right partners and the right health data systems together to solve a tough problem.

Using Data Interoperability to Improve Care for Veterans

With more veterans relying on care from multiple providers, it’s important that all clinicians involved in the patient’s care be able to see a holistic view of the symptoms, history, and treatments. MITRE’s VP and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Jay Schnitzer talks about the research under way and the vision for achieving interoperability of electronic health record data for better healthcare outcomes.

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