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Democratizing Patient Data: A Story of Patient Empowerment

Democratizing Patient Data: A Story of Patient Empowerment

The most critical member of the care team, the patient, is being left out. Hear insights from this HIMSS18 video presentation by Kristina Sheridan, MS, Principal Investigator and Researcher Patient Empowerment, MITRE, and Kate Sheridan, Student, George Mason University about managing pediatric chronic conditions, the value of patient-generated data, and an update of the patient empowerment research that was inspired by their experience.

Predictive Analytics for Mental Health Outcomes: A Case for Novel Applications of the Hedonometer

Learn about the latest collaborative pursuit between Computational StoryLab at the University of Vermont and MITRE in applying the Hedonometer as an initial screening tool to identify veterans at greatest risk to attempt suicide. A HIMSS18 presentation by Josh Park and Lisa Tompkins-Brown from MITRE.

CMS eCQM Strategy: The Future of eCQMs

CMS eCQM Strategy: The Future of eCQMs

CMS is developing an electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) strategy, focused on decreasing provider burden and improving the value and usability of eCQMs. This HIMSS18 presentation by Debbie Krauss (CMS) and Sam Sayer, MITRE provides an overview of the approach, stakeholder feedback, and proposed future state for eCQM development, reporting, and supporting tools.

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