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Improving access to care for veteran, rural, and underserved populations … through advanced analytics, AI, and natural-language learning to help in preventing suicides, diagnosing PTSD, and combatting the opioid epidemic.

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Improving Health Outcomes by Connecting Data

Improving Health Outcomes by Connecting Data

MITRE’s Dr. Sarah Corley and Dr. Sybil Klaus discuss the research and tools needed for clinicians to better use data and reduce the current electronic health record provider input burden. Watch their take on how natural language processing and machine learning can help solve these difficult problems, predict risk for disease, and contribute to a holistic view of patient records.

Using Data Interoperability to Improve Care for Veterans

Using Data Interoperability to Improve Care for Veterans

With more veterans relying on care from multiple providers, it’s important that all clinicians involved in the patient’s care be able to see a holistic view of the symptoms, history, and treatments. MITRE’s VP and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Jay Schnitzer talks about the research under way and the vision for achieving interoperability of electronic health record data for better healthcare outcomes.

Emergency Room Physicians Look For Solutions to Curb Opioid Overdoses

Emergency room physicians are often blamed for the rising number of opioid overdoses in the U.S. because they are generally the first to prescribe opioids to patients seeking pain relief. A 2016 article in the Annals of Emergency Medicine sought to address the issue and provide solutions and alternatives for patients.

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