MITRE Engagement at Connected Health Conference 2018

Wednesday, October 17

Presentation: Transforming Patient Voices into Hard Data


Co-located event, the Society for Participatory Medicine 2nd Annual Conference


MITRE speaker: Kristina Sheridan 7:30 – 5:00, CITYVIEW 1


Session Description: Democratizing Healthcare: Me. You. Us. #SPM2018

So, What Does the Day Look Like? The morning will be filled with inspiration from people who’ve partnered with others to make change, the true “Participatory Medicine Heroes.” People who understand the value of diversity in helping people get better. A few of our Participatory Medicine Heroes include Doug Lindsay, Patti Brennan, Rasu Shrestha, Bill Marder, Sarah Krug, Ivan Handler, Casey Quinlan, Jason Bobe, Brennen Hodge, as well as mother/daughter heroes, Angela & Grace Kennedy, and Christina and Kate Sheridan. Learn more:


Competition: Health Tech Standout! Competition


MITRE judge: Mary Quilty




Session Description: Hosted by Partners Connected Health and judged by a panel of industry experts, the second annual Health Tech StandOut! Competition will spotlight ten of the most innovative connected health products that are potentially game-changing. Open to Wednesday Immersion Day programming attendees.

Thursday, October 18

Developer Lab: Developing & Sharing Standards-Based Clinical Decision Support (Physician Entrepreneur Workshop & Luncheon)



MITRE speakers: Sharon Sebastian and Chris Moesel


CDS Connect Description: Gain insight into the translation of evidence-based research from text to human-readable CDS logic, along with easy-to-use tools developed by the AHRQ CDS Connect project that will help you develop, share and implement standards-based CDS expressions. Session Description: HIMSS Developer Lab at Connected Health Conference Immersive, collaborative, AGILE, and organic – that’s the HIMSS Developer Lab at Connected Health Conference. The Lab will offer hands on workshops, tech talks, and networking covering the basics of APIs, and will delve into the details of using and launching other API programs.


Presentation: Partnership to Create Core Cancer Model & Foundational EHR Data Elements



MITRE speaker: Dr. Brian Anderson


Description: ASCO, CancerLinQ, MITRE, and Intermountain Healthcare are developing M-CODE (Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements) to identify essential cancer data elements and improve quality care coordination by analyzing treatment across EHRs and practices. ASCO and CancerLinQ are providing clinical expertise and leadership in creating M-CODE. MITRE is developing an M-CODE-based FHIR implementation and SMART-on-FHIR application that will extract M-CODE data and deliver reports – empowering shared decision making. Intermountain will operate test sites for capturing M-CODE data and leveraging reports. This collaboration targets increasing interoperability and data availability for faster insights into patient care.


Panel: Managing Device & Data Security Risks in Connected Health


3:40-4:30, CITYVIEW 2

MITRE speaker: Margie Zuk


Session Description: The use of medical devices, wearables, apps and clinical systems carries privacy, security and even patient safety risks. Exchanging health data-the foundation of better insights, decisions and engagement in connected health-increases that risk at every turn. What should hospitals and vendors be most focused on? What are the best strategies for hackproofing your organization? Get the facts about managing cyber threats in this no-holds-barred discussion with technology and clinical leaders working to mitigate risks for patients and organizations possessing personal health data and/or deploying connected health tools.

Friday, October 19

Workshop: Synthetic Health Data with Synthea


11:00-1:00, HARBORVIEW 1

MITRE speakers: Jason Walonoski, Dr. Brian Anderson, Dylan Hall


Session Description: In this course you’ll learn about the advantages of synthetic data, who is using it and why, and how you can use it in your next project. The course targets both clinical attendees (e.g. clinicians, public health experts, and students) who want to create and tailor their own synthetic data sets, and software developers and programmers who want to use or modify the open-source synthetic data generation software Synthea.


Panel: Digital Cancer Care


1:40-2:30, WATERFRONT 2&3

MITRE Speaker: Andre Quina and Dr. Mark Fairweather (Brigham and Women’s Hospital clinical partner)


Session Description: This panel will address challenges in oncology research and treatment that can be mitigated through digital transformation, touching on issues such as care access, clinical trials recruitment and acceleration, developing new disease knowledge, standardizing and personalizing care and improving outcomes. Panelists will discuss their own work in light of common challenges and opportunities to advance cancer care with digital technologies.


Demo: Unleash the Data in Your Clinical Notes



MITRE speaker: Greg Quinn


Description: Flux Notes is an open source concept demonstration of an approach to capturing structured treatment data at the point of care when clinicians author their clinical notes. Flux Notes also demonstrates several uses of that structured data to lower clinician burden and support patient-clinician collaboration. The current focus of Flux Notes is oncology but other areas could be supported as well.


Meet the Experts Session following the Digital Cancer Panel: Cancer Shared Decision Making Tool: Piloting a Standardized Cancer Patient Record & Automated SMART® Tool with Intermountain 




MITRE Speaker: Andre Quina & Dr. Mark Fairweather (Brigham & Women’s Hospital clinical partner)


Session Description: Following the Digital Cancer Care panel, MITRE’s Andre Quina and Dr. Mark Fairweather will be available to talk about their pilot of a standardized cancer patient and automated SMART tool for populating the record, as well as work with ASCO to use their voice-driven tool for capturing clinical encounters in oncology. Bring your questions about tech development in oncology and the ways tech can drive shared decision making, pop health and streamlined research in cancer.

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