MITRE is accelerating health innovation by connecting people and data to change the health system and improve the care experience.


MITRE is accelerating health innovation by connecting people and data to change the health system and improve the care experience. 

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Meet MITRE at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting and Expo
November 12-15 – Atlanta, GA
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Join us at APHA 2023 to learn how MITRE bring a data driven approach and apply our knowledge about multiple fields, including epidemiology, infectious and chronic diseases, behavioral and environmental health, public health policy, health informatics and standards, artificial intelligence and emergency preparedness and response to solve complex population and public health problems.

For more information, please contact us at publichealth@mitre.org.

MITRE Health News & Insights

Podcast: Public Health Informatics, With Brittani L. Harmon, DrPH, MHA

The technology that makes up the system and processes in public health may be lagging behind the course of innovation compared to other industries. This is where the challenges in public health informatics come in. But what is Public Health Informatics all about?


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Awards MITRE New Five-Year Contract to Continue Operating Health R&D Center

MITRE announced a new five-year contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to operate the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare, a federally funded research and development center, more commonly known as the Health FFRDC.

Dr Alleyne HIMSScast

HIMSSCast: Public Health Transformation via Data Modernization

E. Oscar Alleyne, Ph.D., managing director, Public Health Division, joins HIMSS Managing Editor, Bill Siwicki, for a conversation about how recent investments in infrastructure and data modernization initiatives present an opportunity for public health transformation.


Providing insights to promote information that supports people’s well-being and critical decision-making.

How to fight back against public health mis- and disinformation

One of the lasting lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic is the insidious and corrosive power of mis- and disinformation to undermine public health efforts.

Podcast: Public Health Information In The Digital Era, With Denise K. Scannell, PhD

Dr. Denise K. Scannell, Chief Social and Behavioral Scientist at MITRE, shares her extensive knowledge on the dynamically evolving information ecosystem and the impact of technology and social media on public health and on the health information landscape.

Podcast: Public Health Preparedness with Monique K. Mansoura, PhD, MBA

The array of public health threats we face is expanding rapidly and everyone has a responsibility to have a level of preparedness for these situations.

MITRE Proposes 10-Point Plan to Sustain a Biopharma Industrial Base and Enhance Our Nation’s Safety and Security

High-impact events, such as pandemics, extreme weather, and trade disputes, put U.S. national security and long-term economic competitiveness at risk.

Building a Sustainable Biopreparedness Industrial Base

A team of industry experts propose a comprehensive set of recommendations to federal government stakeholders on how to sustain a robust biopharma industrial base to protect national, economic, and health security interests.

Global Health Security Fact Sheet

In an evolving threat landscape, MITRE’s public service mission and trusted relationship with government has never been more important than it is today.

Biodefense Expert Sees National Preparedness from All Angles

Monique K. Mansoura, Ph.D., MBA, leads MITRE’s work in global health security and biotechnology.

Lessons from the Covid War

This powerful report on what went wrong—and right—with America’s Covid response, from a team of 34 experts, shows how Americans faced the worst peacetime catastrophe of modern times.

Big Things Happen When Public Health Expert Sweats the Small Stuff

Even after two decades, several major outbreaks, and one earth-shattering pandemic, Oscar Alleyne, DrPH, still feels a calling to public health.

Making an Impact in Public Health

The Health Federally Funded Research and Development Center (Health FFRDC) is created by CMS, sponsored by all of HHS, and operated by MITRE’s Center for Transforming Health.

Podcast: Everyone in Public Health Should Know MITRE, With E. Oscar Alleyne, DrPH, MPH

This episode is filled with invaluable perspectives and will interest anyone from students to senior and executive level career professionals, to entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

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