Buy-in through Opt-in: Shared Services Engagement Strategies

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 2:30PM–3:30PM PT
Location: Galileo 901; Session 162

Through a powerful public health case study, this session will articulate how successful social marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies were applied to develop and execute both strategic communication and standards harmonization efforts for CDC’s Surveillance Data Platform with Shared Services Initiative, and ways that these engagement strategies can also be applied to other health information exchange, interoperability and data integration efforts. The project team will explain how they leveraged findings from an environmental scan (2016) with CDC centers, institutes, offices, programs and STLT (state, territorial, local and tribal) public health partner organizations to articulate strategic communication and standards management and harmonization needs, to develop planning frameworks to address them, and to execute tactics which met planning goals while supporting successful completion of project outcomes.

MEET the Experts

Suzie Carmack, PhD, MFA, MEd

Speaker, Senior Health Communication Science Advisor MITRE

Dawn Stapleton

Co-Speaker, Healthcare Communication Science Strategy Advisor MITRE

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