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Harmonizing Data and Facilitating Its Use Across Entities to Advance the Learning Health Care System

The promises of a learning health system are endless. Intelligent automation could reduce clinician burden. Clinical decision support systems may lead providers and patients to the best treatment option. Major federal initiatives are focused on putting the...

Buy-in through Opt-in: Shared Services Engagement Strategies

Through a powerful public health case study, this HIMSS18 presentation by Suzie Carmack and Dawn Stapleton from MITRE, articulates how successful social marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies were applied to develop and execute both strategic communication and standards harmonization efforts for CDC’s Surveillance Data Platform with Shared Services Initiative.

Defending Telehealth Ecosystems

Defending Telehealth Ecosystems

The telehealth ecosystem is a complex combination of technologies enabling new capabilities for delivery of patient centric care. This HIMSS18 session by Ronnie Daldos, MITRE, introduces threat based defense as a key component of a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Preparedness & Response

The recent escalation of cyber-attacks and the potential for combined cyber and physical attacks means the healthcare industry must better secure itself. In this HIMSS18 presentation, Margie Zuk and Penny Chase from MITRE share a “whole of community” approach to proactively developing regional plans, models and playbooks that integrate cyber into overall emergency preparedness and response.

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