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Cheryl Austein Casnoff

Cheryl Austein Casnoff Health FFRDC Health Policy & Analytics DirectorHealthcare DeliveryCheryl Austein Casnoff is a senior health policy executive with a distinguished consulting and public service career in public health. She brings decades of experience in...

Jessica Skopac

Jessica Skopac Principal Health Policy AnalystHealth Policy A lawyer by training, Jessica Skopac has over 15 years of experience in healthcare and public health. Dr. Skopac serves as a project leader within the Care, Cost, Quality and Innovation department at MITRE to...

Harmonizing Data and Facilitating Its Use Across Entities to Advance the Learning Health Care System

The promises of a learning health system are endless. Intelligent automation could reduce clinician burden. Clinical decision support systems may lead providers and patients to the best treatment option. Major federal initiatives are focused on putting the...

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